Trashistan will be located on the outskirts of Black Rock City this year. We are at the corner of “Sacred” and “Dogma”, otherwise known as 10:00, 4 blocks in. Featuring the one and only "Temple of Hot Dogma", courtesy of Idaho's finest band, Hot Dog Sandwich. Our camp faces the open playa, the void, a theme which is very important to us this year and will be explored further in our interactive ritual night performance on Friday (see below). In addition to impromptu shows at our camp, our scheduled performances are:

  • Wednesday night, 10pm-Midnight - The Doomocratic Republic of Gigsville (approx 5:00 & Esplanade)
  • Friday night, Midnight – Ritual Night in the Center Camp Café
  • Sunday Brunch, 11am or 12ish – Church of WOW (approx 2:45 & Esplanade)

Abraham Birmingham will also be piloting a Proper Modern Bat Truck, aka “The Messenger” - so if you see a large fire-breathing black bat cruise by, please say hello and, if possible, jump aboard! See you there - direct questions or info to

Notes from Burning Man 2002...

This year was amazing. Thanks to everyone in our kick-ass camp and village - Fandango, Trashistan, Freekutopia, Hot Dog Sandwich, The House of St. Eve, The Ottoman Empire, The Acid Cabaret, Church of Funk, $teven Ra$pa, Ladybee, and everyone who visited, supported, and reveled in The Pagan Lounge. Between Rosin Coven and our side project, Dr. Abacus, we played every day, often twice, at fine venues such as The Pagan Lounge, Center Camp Cafe, The Odeon, The Acid Cabaret (well, we tried), and the infamous Rubber Ducky.

See our (still growing) collection of 2002 photos here.

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A few scenes from Burning Man 2000:

(L-R) The Pagan Lounge; Playa Bocce; Pervert Girl & Christian; Rosin Coven & The Pinwheel Garden

Dr. Abacus keeps an eye on things; YOU gets funky in the lounge

The Beauty of Wind; Skul, Midnight, Professor, and Abe; James tries to wake up; Our view of The Man

Bartender, Dome Builder, and Sister PJ; Abe blows his horn; Best Costume of The Night

Skul studies the sky; The calm before Happy Hour; Playin in the dustbowl; Our brave mascot, Tyson's truck

(L-R) Any drink you want, as long as it's black; Black Martini Goggles?; Proper Modern Pagans!

More Proper Modern you see you in there?


No Spectators...

Leave No Trace...