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This year at Burning Man was another mind-bending chapter in the history of Rosin Coven. Our camp, Byelo-Trashistan, was filled with incredible people and energy and was a happenin place from day one! (Especially because the first thing we assembled was the disco ball) Every night at dusk our lounge dome was filled with Proper Modern Pagans, reveling to heights and depths heretofore unseen. So many wonderful freaks trod through Trashistan, stopping for a game of bocce ball here, a martini there, a dance and a moment to tell a story in between. Our fellow Trashistanians have created a home page to tide us over til next year...

We were recently pointed to a link to an amazing Burning Man page that graciously features the Pagan Lounge, complete with pictures and a streaming sountrack. Thank you so much! And while you're there take a good look around. This site captures an incredible array of beauty and deep moments from this year's Playa. There's also a nice sublink with more Pagan Lounge (can you say Cha Cha Cha?).

Our camp was a refuge from both inclement culture and weather, and stood strong from the moment we hung the disco ball til the moment we wistfully packed to leave. We used up about 2/3 of our film on the first sunrise, and then unfortunately lost nine out of ten disposable cameras in the midst of it all, and couldn't seem get the last camera loaded even though we had all week. To those of you who have not lived on the playa, this may sound feeble or irresponsible. To those of you who have been to Burning Man, or better yet, who joined us in this year's Playa Pagan Lounge, you know what we're talking about. More pictures to come as we (ahem) find them.



(L-R) The Pagan Lounge; Playa Bocce; Pervert Girl & Christian; Rosin Coven & The Pinwheel Garden

Dr. Abacus keeps an eye on things; YOU gets funky in the lounge

The Beauty of Wind; Skul, Midnight, Professor, and Abe; James tries to wake up; Our view of The Man

Bartender, Dome Builder, and Sister PJ; Abe blows his horn; Best Costume of The Night

Skul studies the sky; The calm before Happy Hour; Playin in the dustbowl; Our brave mascot, Tyson's truck

(L-R) Any drink you want, as long as it's black; Black Martini Goggles?; Proper Modern Pagans!

More Proper Modern Pagans...do you see you in there?

No Spectators...

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