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The land of pivo, Brutus and more pivo...and more Brutus!

Midnight prepares for the big Kramolin set as the local teens look anxiously on
Elya ponders over 1000+ drunk czech
Midnight wonders if we could fit this many folks (and their pivo) in S.F.'s Cafe du Nord.
Abraham, Mandrea and their new Czech fan club
Feel the tile. Love the tile.
The Coven runs over a few songs with Brutus' sax player, Zbynžk
Brutus Rocks!
A second night with Brutus in Stankov results in a 1200+ crowd.
A Czech Cha Cha
The masses...
...fueled by pivo, sausages and Pagan Lounge!
A few pivos are enjoyed by Louis' folks...
..and a few(+) more by the Capricorn brothers themselves
Brutus and Rosin Coven
Back in Prague, Midnight gets her silhouette cut by the Guiness World Record holding silhouette cutter!
A letter from the city of Prague no doubt thanking us for gracing their fine city with the Pagan Lounge. We can't actually read it, but we're sure it all good.
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