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The land of fast cars, fast drinkers and blown engines...

Our first German crowd in Oberhausen at the OB Outdoor (Indoor) Festival
The ladies welcome the local rockers to the Pagan Lounge...
...And what Proper Modern Pagans they are!
"Thank you Oberhausen! We Love You!!!"
The Coven with the OBOF organizer Ingo (left) and his hospitable brother
Circus performer, Olga, and friends
Off to Hamburg for a few days of camping and busking
A break in the rain brought us out to the square with the shoppers, the lovers and the Pope...
A delectable dinner compliments of the popular modern Pagan Lounger, Mr. Fox
And a birthday for Mandrea
Louis takes a moment to meditate on the road to Bremen
H÷°rst contemplates the set design needed for this particular stage
H÷°rst, our lovely Bremen hostess, Susanne, and that Louis character
Abraham and Gingerbread share a laugh and a drink
On to Berlin where the Coven was instantaneously at home...
..and in a playful mood
Tragedy strikes on our way back to Berlin from Prague!
Lars, our sweet sweet Lars, melts down and leaves us stranded on the autobahn.
But it all worked out in the end. It usually does...
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