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The Land of Melk, Honey and Other Delights....

The first busk in Amsterdam's lovely Vondelpark
The Vondelpark march
The Cha-Cha'd sunglasses compliments of Midnight Rose...
Our good friend, Marian, leads the Coven on a ride through the countryside
A solemn stop  
A post-ride drink. Midnight tells it all...
In support of our Nijmegen show, a busk session.
Bittersweet busk
James warms up
H÷°rst, our trusty Visual Alchemist, sets up.
Extrapool in Nijmegen
What a better way to promote than with uplifting Kinder Suprises  
Extrapool turns lounge
Elya mesmerizes the local Dutch.
Louis marches
Louis and Marian, our Amsterdam hostess  
Joost, Bart, and Louis contemplate the joys hair
Upon returning to the Netherlands, the Coven plays a Dutch wedding reception
James takes a moment to enjoy the expansive grassy grounds  
The lovely Gingerbread Candy Monahan
The graceful and joyous Abraham Birmingham
The bride shares a moment with the Coven ladies
A clown entertains the youngsters. A welcome deterent from attacking Louis...
...a final moment before we rushof to the next gig at Splotsz
Backstage at Splotzs
Amsterdam prepares for it's victorious EuroCup match with the Czech Republic  
Preparing for our final Europe club gig at Winston Kingdom, Mandrea and very special guest, Montess
A very pleased group of Pagan Loungers pack Winston Kingdom
A very pleased post-gig James  
The ladies and our superb soundman and new friend, Yassik
A farewell to the generous Mr. Van Tongren and family whom supplied us with our cellos, contra bass,and a show in his theatre
A final night in Europe with our special friend and dynamic hair stylist, Bart!  
Louis is ready to be home
A final European feast...until next year
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