Carnival Of Decadance with Cabaret Diosa at The Great American Music Hall

July 10th, 2003

photos by Karl Seifert

02_marquee 03_gals_above 04_full_band 05_full_harp
Good signs! Gals from above Illuminated Coven Enter the harp...
06_train 07_lament 08_lament_cont 09_Gingy
Train Melancholy Lament Lament continues Gingy's bliss
10_bone 11_high_kickin 12_Jasmin 13_Abe
Blast 'em! Kick up yer heels! Jasmin Garden Abey
14_parasol 15_parasol_darlings 16_chachacha 17_she_never
Under the parasol Covered Darlins One, two... Cha Cha Cha!
18_Bone! 19_Cabaret_Diosa 20_Surabaya&Bone 21_Surabaya1
Another round Cabaret_Diosa joins in Enter the rat hey ladies...
22_Surabaya2 23_Surabaya3 24_Foggy_Abe 25_Espie_sings
One big lie, Johnny Take that damn pipe... Misty mystery Espie sings
26_Yellin_Abe 27_TANGO! 28_Fiery_Coven 29_Full_house
And Abe hollers Liminal's Splendid Tango The fire continues A Full House!