Cat Club and Pagan Lounge Productions Host The First Annual Edwardian Ball! - December 8th - our last show of the Millennium!

Our last show of 2000, our first ever Edwardian Ball, our first visit to the illustrious Cat Club, was simply grand. We performed one of our favorite stories, Edward Gorey's "Gashlycrumb Tinies," followed by an amazing fire spectacle of gypsies and vampires, ending the night with a raucously dark musical set on the main stage in back. Here's some photos from the Ball, puppets and all! (Click images for larger view)


Esperanza, James & Gingerbread, Midnight & Elyea, A Rough Day at The Bar

Tony surveys his Ball, Heads Aglow, Tanya - one of the designing artists

Edgar & Co, Elsie Dances, A Tangled Web

Midnight marches, Puppets protest, Stalking Death's Corner

The Grim One Himself, Queen of The Puppets


Bones shining in the night, Abe sings a song, Capricorn & Aiko



Collaborating with the good folks at the Cat Club was incredibly successful. The decor was elaborate and otherworldly - Gorey-esque children met their fate at the feet of a giant skeleton...snakelike monsters slithered out of the bar and up into the air, giant skeleton like beasts flew overhead with flowers in their mouths, black-lit doors to nowhere led us into mystery. Thanks to Tony, Fernando, Steve, Tanya, Kalico, Indigo, Raven, Christine, and the rest of you wonderful freaks. Of course, thanks again to Hoorst Fjords and Kendelabra Productions for doing what we could never do alone. And if we haven't said so before, thirteen cheers to Puppets & Pie! See you next time...