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Our favorite time of year...featuring beautiful decor by Kendelabra Productions, fashions by Dark Garden, Collapsing Silence Bhuto, Go-Go Pro, incredible djs, a costume contest, the Fourth Annual Roasting of the Halloweenie, and of course, Puppets & Pie (thanks for the pictures!) See you next here for our annual Halloween Photo Collection!

Also, don't miss the amazing photos of the costumes, dancers, performances, and ambient strangeness on the DNA Lounge's site!
Clearing the way through the Samhain chaos!    
The not-of-this-world glamour of the late Elyea Zeker (and her new found friend)
The Dark Rose leads us through the melee...
And pauses to announce the impending Roasting of The Halloweenie!  
Abe stops by the bar to chat with a few friends...    
and soon everyone is off again...marching like Proper Modern Pagans...  
...the Horns pass by, blaring the call to the stage...
and soon we all arrive and kick in to full swing    
Clockwork Espie making us all a little nervous  
but the real monsters lurk backstage...mwah ha ha ha haaaa!    

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