Inscriptions From Our Guestbook

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From The Attic, San Francisco, CA


"Absolutely Enchanting"

"I didn't know you could do that!"


From The Hotel Utah, San Francisco, CA

"Yummy energy spells."

"Great performers!"

"Keep up the good work - Cha Cha Cha!"

"Refreshing! I love the lyrics."

"Thought provoking"



"I love the dark, sinister edge!!!"

"Great! Can I make a live recording sometime?"

"I want you for a film project."


From the Jingletown Gallery, Oakland, CA

"Loved it - nice ears"

"Y'all are amazing!"




"Best band I've seen in a long time"


From Cafe du Nord, San Francisco, CA

"Wondersplendiferry! Could you get a few more strings in?"

"You guys turn me on..."

"Inspiring - Unique - Quirky - I loved it!"

"Warped, twisted, demented...I loved it!"



"I want to know your tour schedule for other parts of the world to tell my friends to see you!"

"Thanks for the splitting adventure!"

"Zappa would be proud"

"Love you all to bits!"


From Blakes, Berkeley, CA

"Unreal 21st Century - please keep in touch"

"See you at the next show, and the next, and..."

"You made my Samhain"

"Need another cellist? I love to play with ya!"


"I want you, too."


From Terrazo Works Gallery, San Francisco, CA


"Made my trip!"

"I have awakened!"


From the ISIS OASIS, Geyserville, CA

"Come back soon. Real soon!"

"Kick Ass!"

"Outstanding Band! Awesome!"


From Compound I, Oakland, CA

"Play at my house alot."


"Wonderful, You're WONDERFUL!"



From Paradise Lounge, San Francisco, CA

"Beautiful combo of voices and melodies."

"Crazed artist wants you to take me to your car...turn me into a groupie."



From The Stork Club, Oakland, CA

"Great job! You got everyone's attention"


"I like the vogue dancing during Gnomes - we are calling it Gnogue"

"Your singer is hot!"


From the Hi-Ball Lounge, Greenwitch Radio Party, San Francisco, CA

"You made me happy!"

"The greatest band since Can"

"Nothing but love for you guys!"


From Infusion, San Francisco, CA

"I work at Infusion and you made my night good."


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